Meet Our Team

Rob Larcombe

Executive Director

I have an excellent track record in delivering mental health education, PSHE, PE in primary schools. This includes working with children, staff and parents to deliver our Healthy Heads programmes. As director, I pride myself on bringing a positive and forwards thinking attitude to the workplace. I’m passionate about having a positive impact on all individuals that I get the opportunity to meet.

Jason Sharp

Health & Wellbeing Educator

I have worked in primary schools for the past 15 years and have delivered PE, Sport and PSHE lessons. This has given me valuable experience of understanding children’s physical and mental development. I have also held management positions to oversee school PE & Sport programmes and I’m passionate about developing children both physically and mentally.

Kelly Mercer

Health & Wellbeing Educator

I have a degree in psychology and 13 years experience supporting adults, children and young people. I have specialised in mental health within a statutory service and recognise the importance of mental health education. I believe that all children should be given the tools to develop positive wellbeing and thrive within their personal development. 

Pete Hamadi

Health & Wellbeing Educator

I have 15 years experience working in sport and over 10 years experience delivering PE and health programmes in primary schools. When I am not delivering Healthy Heads you will find me at the local tennis clubs running junior coaching programmes. I love working with children  and I’m passionate about improving children’s health through sport and physical activity.

Michael Quigley

Mental Health Educator (Teacher CPD)

I am a former primary school teacher with extensive experience of teaching, coaching, leading and team membership. I am a published author and regular blogger as well as the creator of professional and personal development courses. I have over 10 years experience in public speaking, in the public and private sectors regionally, nationally and internationally, both in person and online. 

Grant Beech

Nutritional Coach (PASTA)

I have a passion for food and have previously worked for Gordan Ramsay and at other prestigious restaurants locally, such as Twelve and Ribby Hall. In addition to working here at Healthy Heads, I am currently head chef at Fleetwood Town’s match day hospitality and personal chef to the chairman of the club. I am passionate about nutrition and I enjoy teaching families how to cook healthy, affordable, restaurant standard meals at home.

Charlotte Roberts

Nutritional Coach (HAF)

I am studying Physical activity, health and nutrition at University. Alongside my studies, I have found my passion to lie in the area of nutrition, particularly educating children on healthy eating through the provision of tailored information, advice and practical workshops.