Welcome to Healthy Heads Education

Supporting the growth of children through character education and personal development.

Healthy Heads Education is a well-established provider of PSHE within Primary Schools across the UK. Our programmes give children the opportunity to grow through positive learning and development.


We pride ourselves in supporting the growth of children through character education and personal development, and we apply our core values to our everyday classroom practice, which are Integrity, Positive Relationships and Growth of People.



Healthy Heads Programme Outcomes for Schools

Character Education

Available to Years 1 to 6

Our longest standing, highly successful programme helps children to be more aware of what it means to be a good person in society. Focussing on health & wellbeing, and relationships, this gives children the tools to not only grow as an individual, but to build their social skills through group and partner based challenges.

British Values

Available to Years 1 to 6

Our British Values programme helps children to understand values such as democracy and individual liberty to help support their growth and understanding of citizenship. This enables students to develop self-confidence to distinguish right from wrong, and respect the civil and criminal Law of Britain.

Personal Development

Available to Year 6

Our Personal Development programme, available to year 6 only, engages learners with more in-depth topics relating to personal growth. Children will learn about topics such as digital health and finance to help them transition into secondary school, whilst living in the wider World.

Mental Enrichment (wellbeing day)

Available to Whole School

Our Mental Enrichment (wellbeing day), is a collapsed curriculum day, where we work with every class in school and deliver several wellbeing activities to all children that includes: Emotional Literacy, Yoga, Mindfulness, Resilience and Physical Activity.

Teacher's Mental Health - Looking after YOU

Healthy Heads Education provides specialised face-to-face training for teachers focussed on mental health practices – looking after YOU and the CHILDREN in your class.


A teacher is a child’s best resource in school. It’s important to ensure that as teachers, you are looking after yourselves and subsequently the children in your class by keeping mental health & wellbeing at the forefront of your practice.


Our teacher training programmes equip professionals with the skills needed to help themselves and their children to cope with the challenges they will face during the school day, helping teachers to address the warning signs of mental health issues, and providing them with the knowledge of how to best support children and staff.