Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We have a holistic approach to learning that covers aspects from both curriculums within our lessons.

Yes. Due to the physical activity delivered within the lessons, you can use the PE+SS funding.

Yes, though we do recommend that teachers are present during the lessons so they can continue to communicate the same message to their children throughout the week.

Partly. We can deliver the theory online via any preferred video calling platform. The practical cannot be delivered online, but we can provide the class teacher with the practical lesson plan.

Yes. We offer a bespoke package for your school staff. Schools can have our mental health programme delivered face-to-face, during an inset or staff meeting.


We would ask you to choose a different school. If you do not wish to choose a different school, then there is no obligation to continue with the sponsorship.

Yes, you can, but you’d need to purchase an additional business sponsorship for the extra school.

Yes, of course, though it must be family friendly.

No. We kindly request that all communication with the school is from Healthy Heads Education.